Join bestselling author Rebecca Walker this summer in the stunningly beautiful, creatively stimulating, and emotionally restful land of Tulum, Mexico, for 7 days of fierce productivity, deep self-reflection, and awesome sunsets. 

Whether you’re just starting out, or coming to workshop with an editor at a major house waiting on your revision, Rebecca will help you take the next step during this life-changing writing intensive. 

Rebecca has worked with dozens of writers at every stage of their writing process, from initial idea to jacket design and platform building. She’s also written New York Times bestsellera critically acclaimed memoir, and a novel currently being adapted for film with Debra Martin Chase and the Bruce Cohen Company. She has edited four groundbreaking anthologies, and written on the Amazon Prime series One Mississippi. She is a popular speaker and has addressed hundreds of audiences, from Harvard, Facebook, and JP Morgan Chase, to the Ministries of Culture in Estonia and the Circolo dei Lettori in Turin.

Not once, not twice, but seven times, Rebecca has watched as her books have changed the world. She believes your book can too. 

Rebecca teaches this master class once a year. It is limited to ten participants, and registration opens in April, 2021. 

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We can’t emphasize this enough: this will be a life-changing event. The power you will harness as a result of attending will be tremendous.  You will laugh and sometimes cry, and you will leave the workshop with important tools, a growing community, and a meaningful relationship with an amazing writer and teacher who understands and supports the creative process, as well as your specific needs and goals. 

Nomade Tulum is the perfect place for this experience. Nomade Tulum is a human centered hotel, conceived as a temporary habitat for those ready to learn and share, ready to awake the soul, and free the mind. It is a space in a sacred land where the mind, body and soul are supported by the beauty of the natural world.  Located on the main beach of Tulum just steps away from the sea, it’s surrounded by the most beautiful sanded beaches along the Caribean side.

For our retreat, a private room, deluxe tent or standard lovely, is $5995 for seven nights. A shared room is $4995. Other options are possible, breakfast is included, and payment plans are available. 

If you live in Mexico or will be staying elsewhere the cost is $2995. 

Read some stories from people who have participated in the past, and then…

Registration opens in April, 2021, but we need to know if you are planning to come now! Email us and we will start the process.

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A general outline of our time together. 

Day One: Voice. Morning and Afternoon Sessions. 

Day Two: Memory. Morning and Afternoon Sessions.

Day Three. Free day for writing and exploring the island.

Day Four: Story. Morning and Afternoon Sessions. 

Day Five:  Structure. Morning and Afternoon Sessions.

Day Six: Patronage. Morning and Afternoon Sessions.


You Said


“Working with Rebecca is to discover that her gift for writing is equally matched by her ability to teach as she masterfully holds space for every type of story and person. With compassion and patience she helps each writer discover their story and then provides a generous toolbox of resources and wisdom for the way forward. She leaves no stone unturned, making AOM the most joyful learning experience of my life. Thank you, Rebecca.” ––Rosanna Llorens

“Being immersed in the week long intensive was a revelatory experience that put me in touch with my own clarity and purpose. As an instructor Rebecca builds a foundation of community grounded in compassion, integrity and honesty. She is a consummate teacher, editor and mentor. Rebecca is blissfully open and devoted to helping every student find their truth.”  –Valorie Thomas

“I can’t even begin to express how much I loved this workshop. The revelations I gained along the way were priceless. Experiences like these come along once in a lifetime. Rebecca Walker is phenomenal.” –Petrina Khashoggi

Rebecca Walker has discovered a way to create an environment that feels utterly singular. She has a rare ability to bring together rigor and vulnerability, risk and safety, intensity and breath. While writers had periods of time to write, read, and reflect, we also engaged in concentrated sessions of feedback; it was as if temporality itself stretched and retracted to accommodate our praxis. Rebecca’s interest during the week was to generate community amongst writers who were delving into very personal explorations, and her lived insight into the question of “practice”–the practice of writing and how it is inherently informed by practices of living–made for an experience that reached participants far beyond the level of task, skill, or technique. ––Ariel Osterweis

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“I process experiences slowly and am now realizing the deep impact of Maui, the workshop and Rebecca’s insights and teachings. Her talent is beyond recognition and I’m forever grateful.” –Lia Longworthy

This will change your life. I have never been happier. Rebecca is masterful in the way she leads this workshop. I left loving the writer that dwells inside me.” –Candida Alvarez

“Rebecca Walker is a fearless and compassionate teacher. The AOM workshop provides an astonishing amount of information and coaching in one intense week. Rebecca feels for a pulse and, finding it faintly beating, draws your attention to it, helps you recognize its rhythm, and then teaches you how to write the story of your heart. I left inspired and emboldened!” –Porter Merriman

“The workshop was wonderful!  Rebecca is a very special person.  She immediately put all of us at ease and created a nurturing and non-judgmental space. I slipped into it like a warm bath. I feel rejuvenated and invigorated.”  –Mikkel Aaland

“Rebecca’s workshop was one of the best creative experiences of my life: a real deep dive into what makes great writing. The commitment and love she has for writers and the process is beautifully evident. Her insights and advice were masterful.” –Quddus Philippe

“Rebecca really, really listened, and really, really taught. Both were instrumental to my growth. I have never learned so much about writing and myself in such a short time.“–Janice Hill

“If I had to use one word to describe Rebecca’s workshop it would be “seismic.”It was like an earthquake. You think you know the full magnitude while it’s happening, but it’s the aftershocks that get your attention. The highest compliment I can pay to Rebecca is that when my schedule permits I will take her workshop again to be in the company of her brilliance, honesty, nurturing spirit.” –Juan Gaddis 

“Rebecca’s workshop is deep, transformative, inspirational, and pragmatic.” –Marnie Matsuda

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Rebecca Walker’s class exceeded all my expectations. Walker is so wicked smart and personable that I never wanted to leave! She truly holds space for you and your voice. Her suggestions and gentle nudges towards the truth were invaluable. Take this class. You will forever be grateful.” –Tia Monteaux Walls

“I can easily say that studying with Rebecca Walker was a life-changing experience. She is one of the best listeners I have ever encountered. She sits, totally open and without judgment and assists you in taking your work to a new level by being direct and real.  Alongside my creative catharsis I received very useful guidance about the business of getting published.” –Katie Kraft

“I found Rebecca Walker’s workshop invaluable. Her presence, respect and generosity are unparalleled.” –Maribeth Thiesen 

I love Rebecca Walker! She is an extraordinary woman and writing coach. With her gentle cadence and dulcet tones, she enveloped our group in a safe and loving caress, tempered with tender, yet firm, nudging toward getting our words on the page. With Rebecca as my guide, I went from thinking I was no writer at all to seeing and KNOWING that I actually, indeed, am. She helped me find my voice and lay claim to it. Super cool.” –Mia Klein

I came to Maui feeling unsure about my commitment to my project and insecure about sharing my work with a group of strangers. Rebecca created an extraordinarily supportive and safe atmosphere to share and discuss work, which opened the group to engaging and intensely challenging critiqueHer patient and generous guidance gave me a new sense of confidence in my voice, helped me to find a structure for my work, and inspired a strong commitment to bring my project to completion.” –Heather Sparks

Rebecca Walker’s workshop is a powerful experience. If you are ready to learn the skills necessary to navigate the literary landscape, Rebecca will skillfully and gracefully take you on an intimate, insightful journey– a week long escape from reality with a book you can’t put down.” –Judith Carroll

Rebecca’s Maui workshop was AMAZING! The thoughtfulness and expertise shared was of a level I’ve never experienced before at a writer’s workshop. The five day workshop in Maui was the most informative and rewarding experience I’ve had working on my craft.”-Denny Bryce

“I was drawn to Rebecca’s retreat like a moth to fire. I responded instinctually, barely glancing at the price, buying my ticket before I had even completed the registration process and telling my clients I would be offline for that time. Beginning as it did on New Year’s eve, it felt like a mystical journey, one that would set the tone of living intentionally and committing to adventure for the rest of the year.

It was everything I imagined and more. Rebecca delivers her messages on the writing process and your own progress in a way that is both thorough, concise and gentle. She is exceptionally clear, while being loving and encouraging in communicating areas you might want to work further on. This approach was critical for my growth, as I do not write for a living nor consider myself a writer. It also made the process of writing memoir more graceful, as it will undoubtably mean an emotional journey through your past. After taking the memoir writing retreat I feel as if I might one day write that book(s), and that, my friends, is no small thing. Don’t hesitate.” –Jabu Dayton

Coaching and Consulting

“As an American expatriate living in the Netherlands, Rebecca Walker’s workshop gave me the tools to grow and to thrive as a creative spirit. Rebecca’s techniques gave me the foundation to structure my memoir in an effective manner. The workshop continues to influence me, guiding me as I work towards the next level of writing my memoir.”–Pamela Armstrong de Vreeze

“Rebecca Walker has an uncanny ability to see what each piece of writing wants to be and the rare capacity to communicate this vision to its author.She’s dedicated to bringing to new works of art into the world–a writer’s dream.”–Matt Fitzgerald

“The Art of Memoir workshop allowed my creativity to flow in a way I had never experienced before.  I came with a sense of self-doubt and left feeling supported. Rebecca is a phenomenal and wise facilitator. I deeply appreciate the raw yet loving approach she brings to the table, and her ability to hone in on the deepest passions of each participant. I walked away from the workshop with a sense of understanding and clarity that I don’t feel I would have found otherwise. I am so very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate, and I look forward to seeing my fellow participants get published!”–Haley Rabago

“Like a fierce dakini,Rebecca Walker dives into your work, cutting away what isn’t necessary. Her editing style is not for the meek, but in the end, she is able to uncover your jewel. After making revisions based on Rebecca’s feedback, my manuscript is being considered by a prominent NY agency and two other agents have asked for sample chapters.” –Michelle O’neill

“I arrived in Thailand for 10 days with Rebecca. Our group discussions were guided by calmness, thought, precision, rationality, and technique-and silence, occasionally, where we could consider and reflect. We cruised deliberately and smoothly through our own lives as writers, on Rebecca’s invincible spaceship– the craft of memoir and the vehicle of language.” –Tanya Gupta

“Before I attended the Writers Conference, I’d read and come to admire both of Rebecca’s memoirs. During the workshop, I was impressed with her insights and the nurturing way her criticism was offered. I was delighted when she agreed to read my novel, which has now been through a thorough revision and is almost ready to submit to agents. Rebecca’s help has been crucial. It is very likely that she has saved me years of frustration and pain.“–Carol Dussere

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I feel veryvery blessed to have had an opportunity to work with Rebecca Walker. After the first day of the workshop I turned to my one of my peers and said, “I think my life as a writer will change after this week’s workshop.” She responded, “I think mine already has.” I’m not trying to be melodramatic, but Rebecca set a tone during the week that allowed us to reveal our depths as memoirists. I feel like I take myself and the material I am working on much more seriously after a week in her workshop.” –Beth Newberry

What an amazing experience it was taking Rebecca’s memoir class. I was so impressed with the way Rebecca reviewed the work, she was so caring and sensitive, yet at the same time provided motivation and thoughtful guidance. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had with a writing teacher. It wasn’t just the advice Rebecca gave about writing–what made the course and our one-on-one session so unique was how Rebecca looks at the craft itself; the spiritual approach to writing that helped us to self-discovery.” -Loretta Worters

“Rebecca’s workshop is intense. We spent our days discussing individual works and the craft of writing. In the evenings, we had reading and writing assignments to prepare us for the next day. The prompts Rebecca gave us each afternoon were soul and thought provoking. I learned a lot about myself, the nuances of writing, and most important, left with the confidence that I can indeed complete my book.”  –Jo Ann Kochner

This was by far the best workshop I’ve attended. I am convinced Rebecca set the tone for the workshop: an open, academic, place of trust. I so appreciate how she encouraged us to go deeper, to uncover those suppressed parts of ourselves. This was a risk-taking workshop, one which was wholly successful.” –Judy Shearer

“The leadership was the best I’ve had in an MFA workshop. When I think about what Rebecca did (or didn’t) do to effect the workshop, I believe it was her ability to “zero in” on the heart of each piece -its strengths and weaknesses- that made all the difference.”–Glenny Brock

“I’m forever indebted to Rebecca for her guidance and support of my memoir. She was prompt, focused and direct in her recommendations, allowing me to wrap my brain around the 80,000 word manuscript. In the end, I had a more focused, accessible book that was, as my publisher noted in his contract offer six months later, “…crystal clear and powerful.” Thanks, Rebecca!” –Warren Read

“Rebecca Walker’s teaching has been nothing less than a rebirth for me and completely transformative to my career and personal growth. The writing workshop was a joy that continues to inspire me, but the impact goes far beyond honing my writing skills. I came away with an entirely new perception of the profound power of memoir as it relates to all kinds of writing, and a deepened sense of my voice as an artist because of the level of trust, intimacy and confidence she cultivated; I love the group of writers I was with and have endless gratitude and respect for the time, stories and work that we continue to share — we became not only one another’s cheerleaders but editorial allies, confidantes, collaborators, and support network. 

Rebecca herself is an incredibly generous spirit and I will always regard her as the mentor who guided me to my core as an artist;  I continue to reap the benefits of her phenomenal brilliance, insight, grace and rigorous commitment to process and craft. In retrospect I can’t believe I had a moment’s hesitation about taking the workshop, so I leave you with this: if you have an opportunity to take any writing workshop with Rebecca Walker, stop debating, drop everything, and do it already!! –Valorie Thomas


About Rebecca

Rebecca Walker was named one of America’s most influential leaders by Time Magazine, and has worked in various capacities with some of the most creative people in the world, including Madonna, Steven Spielberg, Kara Walker, Mara Brock Akil, Mike Nichols, Jill Soloway, Tig Notaro, Me’Shell NdegeOcello, Dawoud Bey, and Kehinde Wiley.

Rebecca was educated at Yale, holds an MFA from Spalding University, and received and Honorary Doctor of Letters from the North Carolina School of the Arts, joining fellow recipients Forrest Whitaker and Maya Angelou. She has been on Oprah, Charlie Rose, NPR, Good Morning America, and featured in press around the world.

Rebecca writes every day. Read her books, watch the Amazon Prime she helped develop: One Mississippi, and find her articles and commentary at, Newsweek, Salon, the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, The, Real Simple,, Buddhadharma, Glamour, and more. Visit her here.

Coaching and Consulting


If you can’t make the workshop, Rebecca sometimes works writers individually, and offers personal coaching and manuscript consultations.

Communication with Rebecca can happen via email, Skype and phone, sometimes monthly, sometimes weekly and sometimes bi-monthly. Whatever gets the outline clear, the chapter written, the book published.

Fees are based on scope of project. She takes on one project a year.

Email the office to connect and get more information. If you can’t do the work now, we’ll put you on our list for the future. We believe that once you commit, in whatever form, you’ll get there. We see it every day. You just have to start.



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