Registration and Payment

Welcome to the Art of Memoir 2021! We can’t wait to see you at workshop from March 7-13th!

Here are a few things to know, plus a link for payment.

The Sessions

This year we have attendees from all over the world so the exact time of our sessions is TBD so we can comfortably accommodate all. Irrespective of the time of day, we will meet for seven three and a half hour sessions.

What You Will Need

Your heart-filled, open-minded, curious and burning self, ten pages of written work on the piece you’d like to focus on (no pressure, this can be random notes in your phones), and an easy way for us to communicate with you to send reading packets and contact links.

What We Will Do

As you can see from the full site, this year we will meet initially the night before workshop to get to know each other, and will close workshop with a group reading for all participants to read and respond to each other’s work. Of course, we will do so much more, but you get the basics!

And finally, where you pay:

The Art of Memoir March 7-13th 2021

Payment is non-refundable unless in cases of emergency. Let us know if you have any special concerns or considerations and once you have paid, send an email to so we can make sure we’ve got you covered.


Painting: Amy Sherald